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We've combined all our highly popular financial analysis tools into one mega-financial-analysis-kit that will save you hundreds of dollars if purchased separately. The kit contains 9 files packed with the most important financial ratio analysis tools you can find to help rocket your way to mastering financial analysis. The kit includes:
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  3. A BONUS...Our eBook of "Key Financial Statement Terms"

  4. Another HUGE BONUS...Five-Part Financial Ratio Cheat Sheet Series

The result? You get all these professionally created tools for a great low price.

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Quick Definition

Gauges how much profit a company is extracting out of every dollar of sales.

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Explanation of Gross Profit Margin

The Gross Profit Margin measures the Gross Profit in relation to the Net Sales. This will reveal how much profit remains out of each dollar of sales. For example a Gross Profit Margin of 0.23 (23%) means that for each dollar of sales, 23% of that dollar is Gross Profit to the company.

Importance of Gross Profit Margin

The higher the Gross Profit Margin, the better the company is able to control costs – either by reducing the costs of production of their products or services, or passing some of the costs to the customer.