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We’ve combined all our highly popular financial analysis tools into one mega-financial analysis kit that will save you hundreds of dollars if purchased separately. The kit contains 9 files packed with the most important financial ratio analysis tools you can find to help rocket your way to mastering financial analysis.

What does the Financial Analysis Success Kit Include?

1. “Learn Ratio Analysis In Minutes” eBook:

learn financial ratio analysis in minutes ebook
Over 100 pages of explanations and real-world examples for each of the 70+ ratios explained in the eBook.

It’s surprising easy to read, yet contains all the critical details you need.

2. “Learn Financial Ratio Analysis” Excel Spreadsheet (2 versions!)

This Excel spreadsheet is a huge time-saver…

If you were to create it yourself it would take 53 hours to build it yourself (that’s how long it took us to create it!).

The spreadsheet is easy to use. Enter financial statement data in one tab, and click through the other tabs to see the ratio calculations. We even pre-populated the spreadsheet with the same data as what’s in the eBook so you can experiment.

learn financial ratio analysis excel spreadsheet

 3. A BONUS…

key financial statement terms ebook
We’re including the eBook: “Key Financial Statement Terms”, and has nearly 20 pages of bonus explanations of key terms you’ll find on every financial statement, along with describing why they are important.

A very handy reference!

4. The Kit Includes Another HUGE BONUS…

Five-Part Financial Ratio “Cheat Sheet” Series, which shows each financial analysis ratio formula listed out for a easy quick reference:

  1. Efficiency and Turnover Ratios
  2. Long Term Solvency Ratios
  3. Profitability and Return Ratios
  4. Shareholders Investment Ratios
  5. Short Term Solvency Ratios
financial ratio cheat sheet

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time searching the Internet for the information and tools you can get right here and right now. You get all these professionally created tools for a great low price.

  • Are you a financial professional wanting to get ahead?

  • …or a finance student wanting to learn more than what you’ve been taught in class?

  • Maybe an independent investor wanting to learn more about companies before you purchase their stock?

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